Manager & Supervisors

ITW manager is responsible for the functioning of the Workshop through all of its stages. Manager of the previous, 2011, as well as the forthcoming, 2012 ITW edition is Staša Čelan.

Staša Čelan -  born in Split in 1969. After completing primary and secondary school in Split, he came to Zagreb to study film and TV editing at the Academy of Dramatic Art. To this date, he has edited 6 feature films (“Puna kuća”, “Da mi je biti morski pas”, “Ante se vraća kući”, “04”, “Najveća pogreška Alberta Einsteina”, “Zagorka”), full-length documentaries (“O kravama i ljudima”, “Život na svježem zraku”, “Sevdah”), fiction series (“Vjerujem u anđele”) and dozens of short documentaries and experimental films. Along with the film-making industry, he is actively working on TV projects, directing and editing numerous music videos, commercials, TV shows (“Po Ure Torture”, “Ništa osobno”…).  In 2000, he has won a special award for directing “Milenij” at Požega One Minute Film Festival. At one point, he wrote film reviews for “Hrvatski filmski ljetopis” and “Hrvatski vijenac”.

For 15 years he has been active in the organization of Cinema club Zagreb as a film workshop lecturer and a mentor to young filmmakers. He has held film workshops throughout Croatia, for the most part organized by the Croatian Film Club’s Association, Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency, Dubrava Cultural Centre and, before mentioned, Cinema club Zagreb. Since his beginnings to this day, Staša has held over a hundred film workshops… Alongside Irena Marković, he is the co-founder of a new film production company “Focusmedia” d.o.o., focused primarily on independent film production.

In 2010 Staša has become actively involved in the organization of the International Talent film Workshop and became the project manager.

Previous ITW managers: Nebojša Slijepčević (2008), Tina Hajon (2009, 2010)

There are two supervisors- one for each group. They supervise and guide their groups through all the stages of filmmaking.
Here are the supervisors of this year’s edition of ITW.

Danilo Šerbedžija – born in 1971 in Zagreb. After high school he studied Philosophy and classical Greek language in Zagreb. From 1999 – 2002 he attended the Postgraduate studies at Ohio University, School of Film (prof. Rajko Grlić), USA, where he achieved his master’s degree with short feature film “Mussels in Wine”. With this Film he won the award for the best short film at “12th Days of Croatian film” festival in 2003. Since 2000 up to date, he directed 3 short feature films, 2 documentaries, TV series “Crazy House” and many commercials and music videos… He’s a proud owner of 4 film awards for his work, the most significant being the audience’s award for best film at Croatian National Film Festival “Pula 2010”. He won that award for his first full feature film “72 days”, one of the most acclaimed recent Croatian films which was selected to represent Croatian cinematography at this year’s Academy Awards in the best foreign film category. Danilo is known as one of the rising stars of Croatian cinematography.

Silvestar Kolbas – Croatian photographer, cinematographer and film director,  born in Petrovci near Vukovar in 1956, and raised in Vinkovci. At first he worked as freelance photographer, and from 1985 to 1996 he worked at Croatian television as cameraman and cinematographer. He graduated cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb in 1982. Since 1994 he teaches cinematography at the same school as a professor. He continously works as photographer and cinematographer. Also, he publishes articles about cinematography in variety of professional journals and teaches cinematography at numerous workshops. He shot a number of feature films, TV-films and directed several documentaries for which he won awards (All abut Eva, The War Reporter…). Recently, he makes documentaries, short and feature films for independent productions, and exhibits photographs.

Previous ITW supervisors: Goran Dević, Francesco Crispino (2009); Branko Ištvančić, Francesco Crispino (2010); Marina Andree Škop, Marko Škop (2011)