Previous Workshops

First International Talent Workshop was held in 2008, as a part of 2nd Zagreb Jewish Film Festival. Since then it has become an important supporting segment of the Festival as it perfectly promotes all the values the Festival stands for: multiculturalism, education, tolerance. Today, we can say that ITW is on the verge of becoming a brand in its own right.
The first edition lasted from June 11 to June 13, 2008. Fourteen active participants and three observers were chosen to take part in the programme. This was the only edition that didn’t end up with made films since the emphasis was put on the theoretical education.

  • Applications from: Croatia
  • Number of participants: 14 active + 3 observers
  • ITW manager: Nebojša Slijepčević
  • Lecturers: Branko Lustig (Croatia), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia), Luke Holland (UK), Dr. Amir Har-Gil (Izrael)

The promotion of the second edition of the Workshop was significantly more comprehensive as we contacted numerous film festivals and film schools throughout Europe. So, there was no surprise when the number of applications doubled. These applications came from five different continents.
In addition to the educational part, a practical segment of the Workshop has also been introduced. As a result, ITW for the first time ended with the realization of two short films. The duration of the Workshop was considerably increased, as it lasted from May 21 to May 28, 2009.

  • Applications from: 19 different countries
  • Number of participants: 14
  • ITW manager: Tina Hajon
  • Lecturers: Branko Lustig (Croatia), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia), Jochen Alexander Freydank (Germany), Heidrun Schleef (Italy), David Polonsky (Israel), Kayvan Mashayekh (USA), Željko Vukmirica (Croatia)
  • Supervisors: Goran Dević, Francesco Crispino
  • Jury members: Filip Šovagović, Irena Škorić, Saša Vojković
  • Short films made: “Memories” and “Just waiting”

The third edition of the Workshop, held from May 20 to May 29, 2010, was the first one organized with ten participants. Such a form of ITW is maintained until present day. Experience has shown that working in two groups of five participants enables an individual approach to each participant and allows them to gain maximum knowledge and experience.
Besides having the opportunity to learn from ITW’s lecturers (two of whom were Academy Award winners), the participants attended a lecture of Stellan Skarsgård, a famous Swedish actor who was a guest of the Jewish Film Festival.

  • Applications from: 25 different countries
  • Number of participants: 10
  • ITW manager: Tina Hajon
  • Lecturers: Branko Lustig (Croatia), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia), Florian Gallenberger (Germany), Martin Brinkler (Germany), Dalibor Matanić (Croatia) + Stellan Skarsgård (Sweden)
  • Supervisors: Branko Ištvančić, Francesco Crispino
  • Jury members: Zvonimir Jurić, Sandra Basso, Damir Urban
  • Short films made: “An Important Day” and “Glass”

The fourth edition of the Workshop attracted a record number of applicants (83). The Workshop lasted from May 18 to May 27, 2011. The result of teamwork, commitment, persistence and innovation of 10 participants from 7 different countries were two new short fiction films.

  • Applications from: 17 different countries
  • Number of participants: 10
  • ITW manager: Staša Čelan
  • Lecturers: Branko Lustig (Croatia), Nenad Puhovski (Croatia), Mirko Ilić (USA), Ishai Adar (Israel), Pavlica Bajsić (Croatia)
  • Supervisors: Marina Andree, Marko Škop
  • Jury members: Radislav Jovanov – Gonzo, Damir Hoyka, Danilo Šerbedžija
  • Short films made: “Fur Coat” and “Incurable”